making wall art

One of the things I try to impress upon students is that you can take your modest sized efforts and:
1) make them bigger to more resemble what folks might call "wall art", and/or..
2) just stick a mat around your work and hang it in your studio in a place of prominence.

Here are some examples. (patience while the images load.  thank you.)

Here's the standard approach: a fine set of minimally representational 2"x2" images on a standard A-2 format (5" x 4")


Here are some similar images that have been assembled width-wise, mounted and matted.  The mat window on this one is approx. 8"x3", and is handled very well within an 11"x14" standard frame.


Here are several more examples of this same idea.


This larger piece is 6"x8" and also looks quite handsome matted and in a simple black standard 11"x14" frame.


This piece was created by making a middle value opaque green print of wood grain (is it real wood or a rubber stamp of wood grain?) onto darker paper and then pasting on two circles cut from some scrap paper used for experimentation.  Again, hung using a standard 11"x14" standard frame.


Here are a number of smaller squares assembled in a unified fashion.   Though this one is only 5"x5", it has the complexity to have a great sense of visual push and pull.

copyright 2017 Fred B. Mullett