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In response to the many requests for more information and resources on Nature Printing, the following is a short list of reference material published on the subject. Some of the titles may be out of print, but might be found in libraries and used book stores.
"The Art of Printing from Nature: A Guidebook" 
by the Nature Printing Society

This book is brand new from cover to cover, with over 225 full color pictures and contributions from fourteen different authors who are experts in the techniques. This is probably the most comprehensive book on nature printing methods ever published and includes instructions and inspiration for a number of techniques, some of which have never before been published.
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Creating Art from Nature: How to Handprint Botanicals by John Doughty (NPS member) and Sonja Larsen (NPS member), self-published 2008, ISBN 978-0-615-18666-5.   Nature Printing, by The Ogden Nature Center, 2004, Sterling Publishing, New York, NY. ISBN 1-4027-0724-X Natural Impressions, by Carolyn A.Dahl, 2002, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, NY. ISBN 0-8230-3149-7 Nature Printing with Herbs and Fruit, by Laura Bethmann, 1996, Storey Communications, Pownal, VT. ISBN 929-X

(out of print)

(out of print)
Hand Printing From Nature, by Laura Bethmann, 2011, Storey Communications, Pownal, VT. ISBN-10: 1603425594, ISBN-13: 978-1603425599 The Printer's Catch: The Artist's Guide to Pacific Coast Edible Marine Life, by Christopher Dewees, 1984, Sea Challengers, Monterey, CA Nature Printing, by Robert Little, 1976, Pickwick-Morcraft, Pittsburgh, PA 
Creative Concepts in Nature Printing, by Robert Little, 1985, Hoechstetter Printing Co., Pittsburgh, PA 


(out of print, but still available.)
Gyotaku, The Art and Technique of Japanese Fish Print, by Yoshio Hiyama, 1964, University of Washington Press, Seattle, WA  The Pressed Plant: The Art of Botanical Specimens, Nature Prints, and Sun Pictures, by Andrea DiNoto & David Winter. 1999. Stewart, Tabori & Chang: NY. 160 pp. Naturdruck: Kreatives Gestalten mit Blattern und Bluten, by Irmgard Lucht, 2000. Urania-Ravensburger: Berlin, GERMANY. 64 pp. Leaves: In Myth, Magic & Medicine, by Alice Thomas Vitale, 1997, Stewart,Tabori & Chang, New York, NY. 351 pp

A Life Among Fishes: The Art of Gyotaku, by Christopher Dewees, 2017, ORO Editions
ISBN-10: 1940743338, ISBN-13: 978-1940743332
    (and just for fun...)
Xray Ichthyology: The structure of Fishes
, by David Catania and the California Academy of Sciences, 2002, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA. 60 pp. ISBN 0-940228-55-6 (Thanks to our friend Don Nelson at RubberStampMadness for this one. He was a kind soul and will be missed.)

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It is also offered that those interested in honoring nature through the art of the print join the Nature Printing Society. The Society encourages publication of articles, demonstrations of printing, teaching of classes, and the organization of displays and exhibitions of all forms of nature printing.

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