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The images for this company come from making a relief print of objects found in Nature; fish, shells, plants, feathers, etc. Gyotaku is the Japanese name for "fish rubbing", an honored art form over 150 years old.  As to other styles of nature printing, there are as many forms as there are practitioners. Prints can even be made from flowers, bark, rocks and cobwebs.   In fact, leaf prints have been found dating back to the 1300's. Benjamin Franklin even used the plaster cast of a leaf when printing currency for the new Colonies.  Imagine all the possibilities -- the endless shapes, textures, and even the forces of Nature. I sometimes have trouble imagining it all!

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Stamps From Nature Prints
Member - Nature Printing Society
P.O. Box 8682
Prairie Village, KS  66208  USA
Studio - 816.472.0044
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Stampington & Company
Dedicated to nurturing
creative minds and spirits. 

"Nature's beauty is everywhere and takes many forms.
Artists find Her truth and make it theirs."


"In Nature's infinite book of secrecy
A little I can read."

...Anthony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare

"In this way you make gallant things to adorne your Chamber."
...Alexis Pedemontanus, 16th century plant printer

"How powerful are the results printed from Nature herself."
...Henri Bradbury 1856 

"For in truth art is implicit in nature, and whoever can extract it has it."
...Albrecht Durer

"For truly great is that whereon 
Follows much reflection,
And from the effect of which
It is hard - or rather impossible - to rally,
And the memory of which is strong
And difficult to erase."

...from Longinus, "On the Sublime"
(translation by Benedict Einarson)

"It ain't what cha do, it's da way how cha do it."

"The wrapper shouldn't be more interesting than what's inside.  I'll opt for substance, thank you."
...A. Noney Muss

"I'm getting to that state in life where my flaws are looking more charmingly idiosyncratic than fearfully sociopathic."

...or to put it another way, 'More fermented than demented."  
(I heard that somewhere.)

"I'm not talking to myself.  I'm just practicing for conversations yet to occur."
...Fred B.


copyright 2017 Fred B. Mullett