the Elegant Mess           
dromena  (ancient Greek): meaning "deeds done" or "actions done"

There are two parts to this mindset.  I will actually present to the second one first as it is the shortest:

2)  These images are small non-representational rectangles on an A-2 size note card I've had printed up.  The border nicely brackets the small artsy swatch of trimmed decorated paper.  After all, "Simplicity is the heart of elegance."

1)  The short course as part 1:

For the most part, these images were created by simply spraying and dropping and misting and various spray dyes (color chart for Adirondack Color Washes) on very lightweight Oriental papers and letting them dry. Then other paints - mainly Luminarte's H2O's - are dripped and slung and splotched on the dried papers.  Depending on the paper and the media involved, you could also use something like rock or kosher salt to create interesting textures (sample 3), as well as textural rubber stamp patterns (sample 4).

After all that dries, the papers are ironed flat and cut to fit the small border you see. One could also assemble various leftover pieces into an assemblage (samples 4 and 12).  There are other techniques, but the main idea is to do a small format piece and let it catch the eye. Virtually any piece of decorated paper can be used in this matted manner.

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(The longer dissertation.)

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